Kogi Politics:Edward Onoja VS Nda Aaron

I Hon Nda Aaron Was Never Edward Onoja’s Boy. 👇

Here are the faces of men used by God to lay the foundation for GYB’s governorship project:

I was no less than Edward but was on equal footing with him as equal stakeholders in the GYB kitchen cabinet during start of the governorship experiment.

I led Alhaji Yahaya Bello and Edward Onoja into Lokoja LGA mainstream party politics in 2015 for Governorship Primary Election, Delegates and Campaign Race.

I led them to Late Hon. Buba Umar Jibril, former member of House of Representatives who was the leader of our party, APC and he gave us a very warm welcome with gladness in his heart.

The late lawmaker specifically made Lokoja APC stakeholders to embrace and love GYB till date.

In the course of our campaigns across Kogi State and consultations with party stakeholders in Abuja, as a result of my political bravery, contact and mobilization, GYB openly nicked named or rather described me as a ” *Small Needle* ” that go through cloths with thread and bring out a beautiful outfit 😊.

Edward Onoja got to know me when I worked for late Prince Abubakar Audu during his 2012 Governorship election.

It is worthy of note that Edward Onoja contested for House of Assembly in Olamaboro in 2011 about same time I contested for Lokoja 1 House of Assembly on the platform of Fresh Democratic Party founded by Rev. Chris Okotie with Hon Suleiman Babadoko but I lost to him after a very impressive outing.

I was glaringly the people’s choice because so many were surprised with my results which came very close to that of Babadoko of the then almighty PDP. I achieved this feat at the age of 28 in Lokoja my Local Government Area.

It was as a result of the news of my outstanding results that made late Prince Abukakar to invite me into his political family and inducted me into his political inner caucus and decision making body.

Whereas same Edward Onoja came to work for late Audu when I was already a senior cabinet member of Audu Political family he was no near there.

He was never qualified to be among the member’s of House Inner Caucus.

In the caucus we have Hon Rabiu Alfa Ankpa -2 House of Assembly members , Hon Barrister Isaac Ekpa from Olamaboro ,& Hon Halims Ibrahim current House of Reps member from Ankpa to mention but a few.

If Edward Onoja is honest enough, he should tell his gullible and jobless boys spewing nonsense about me the truth about our political class dating back that I am his senior in politics, not his boy .

Becoming the Deputy Governor or Chief of Staff doesn’t make him my senior in this game but it was providence that smiled at him and anybody can be there.

It was Edward who asked for hands for friendship in late Prince Abubakar Audu’s house.

How we started GYB project will be a story for another day but cast your mind back to that document I posted 2 days ago.

Edward Onoja turned me from his political associate to boy when he became Chief of Staff but I never question God but instead double my efforts by hoping for better tomorrow but the more I tried the more he shut me out ,when he eventually shut the door at me , and asked his ADC Joseph Madaki to never allowed me to come to his office 😭, at that point for me to eat from my fruits of labour ,I had to become his political slave boy 😭.

Let me paused a minutes , for those that know us during our struggle time ,can you point hand to one of Edward Onoja men that started GYB Project with him that you can still see around GYB in any place today? The aim is to get rid of them, but my refusal to quit and not given up owing to my political ideology of progressive politics landed me into Political Slavery to Edward Onoja.

To confirm this, before I was first appointed when he was the almighty Chief Of Staff and defacto governor, it took 1 year and 3 month before I barely got SSA being 3rd, April 2017 and later got promoted to Special Adviser on 4th December 2018 and serve for 11 months .
The special adviser promotion came on two ground; the enormous tasks and work from my ward was way beyond capacity that SSA can carry because the Ward have 23 polling units and over 70,000 voters bigger than entire Ogori-Magogo LGA & Mopa -Amuro LGA.

I only served in government just for 2 years and 8 months altogether, not 4 years.

If you have never serve in government before ,you will think the way they make it is by given you appointment but that is far from the truth. To be candid, there are some political appointments that will further reduce you politically.

All these bogus claims of millions given to me is from where? If it is true I recklessly spent the money on women and other frivolitties then what happened to nearly 85 percent of the immediate past appointees that are now trekking on the streets of Lokoja?

You mean they spent the millions on women and become poor again? Then something is seriously wrong somewhere.

We should try and have the fear of God because his wrath can be very terrible.

You can claim to be smart but God is the leveller.

To set the records straight, I was never a shoe maker nor an Okada Rider (though Okada rider is a dignified business for people that never wanted to go into crimes and their services is highly essential for our nations and community especially the lower incomes earners). I am popular and people know my story very well.

Thirdly, I served for only 2 years, 8 months not 4 years.

Fourth , I am now living in Abuja in a comfortable apartment.

Fifth , I am not an Uber driver (although Uber is of fastest growing transport company in the world with net -worth of $6 billions dollars),

Uber & Bolts is are doing well both in UK,USA as well as Nigeria ,and some of Abuja Uber or Bolt drivers earn more than Kogi State Government Appointees.

If is true that a former appointees of a Government that’s still in power , were the one that delivered their polling units and ward, and have given more winning margin votes to governor Yahaya Bello during his reelection then how many Local Governments did Bello win in Kogi East?

What happened in the entire Olamaboro Local Government, home of a Deputy Governor that was on the ballots.

It will be a shame on us as a people that former appointee that have moved on with his life’s , and focusing on improving his life and to make earns meet as a breadwinner of his family will now be attached to Uber driving.

It is never a good thing to be heard especially now that His Excellency is nursing ambition for 2023 presidential race.

Sponsoring some riffs raffs and nonentities to smear me and who doesn’t know history in the coming of GYB or have a face or major stakeholders in Kogi APC to insults or malign and lied against me is the height of disgrace.

However, I do not blame them because he had weaponised poverty and boys must survive 😶

Above are highlights , so let me spare you your time.

Back To The Picture:
From left to right :

Hon Kabiru Ohieni former SSA Domestics now SA Domestic to the Governor ,I hope you know wetin dey that office 😁,Hon Nasiru Ohiani Special Adviser on SDG now, he was GYB Chief of Staff during our campaign , Late Hon Buba Jibril ,Deputy Majority Leader of House of Rep, Alhaji Yahaya Bello now the Governor , Edward Onoja now the Deputy Governor , Hon Isah Omade ,then Deputy Chief of Staff , Hon Nda Aaron former SSA & SA .
Why shouldn’t this circle continuing?

This men here aside of Hon Buba , are the GYB main men that started this project but when Edward became ALMIGHTY CHIEF OF STAFF & Defacto Governor ,he orchestrated the ousting of us aside of Kabiru whose role was never a political one from inception but a personal friend and domestic staff of the Governor and fairplus transport company.

Before I end this highlights note ; I was never a ungrateful man or being greedy but a victim of hug-wire politics and consciously shortchanged but not by the Governor Yahaya Bello.

There are people that became Commissioners ,Local Government Chairmen, SA’s , SSA’s & got juicy contract that was never an APC member nor worked for GYB but they are made today and are maintaining table manner because of what they have eaten.
However, I won’t descend so low to talk about Edward Onoja private lifestyle which is a public knowledge as they are attempting to drag me to .

If you think I was ungrateful without digging deep into our past struggles before we came to power is either you’re ignorant of the facts or being politically mischievous.

Today Edward Onoja is being surrounded with some useless boys and YES MEN from outside Kogi State because he doesn’t want people that can look into his eyes and tell him the truth ; can you mention 5 reasonable Igala people you see around him today. Please if you know any, mention their name ?

Unfortunately, this dirty linen is coming to the public ,it’s because nobody around him can dare talk to him on a contrary view , and who born you to owes an opinion before Edward Onoja , and the worst situation he do not have anyone that is close to him that he listen to, that you can cry to, in helping you to talk to him .

Let Edward Onoja stop chasing shadow by going to the public with lies and fake graphic about me, let him do the honourable thing to respond to Sharareporters about his multi-billions naira Kado-Abuja properties,just like he did when Saharareporters first published his daughter matriculation picture, and stop sending small small boys to the social media to embarrassed the Kogi State Government with inaccurate statistics and salary scale of Kogi Appointees.
Politically ,no appointee collect salary & spend all his money for himself without given to some of his constituents ,if not how will he build structure for the govt .
All that’s left for Edward Onoja now is to do #Restitutions_To_Attracts_God_Mercy.

Loyalty is a two way traffic, but may we never served a leader that demand loyalty from their subordinates but ain’t loyal to the cause their serving.

– Nda Aaron
19th, April 2021.

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