A mistake called hello.

It is not surprising that the Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, has been playing stupid and constituting humongous nuisance since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic last year. His persuasions about leadership and governance seem troubled by the age of his ideas. He simply lacks all it takes to be in his current station.

First off, at inception, he did everything humanly possible to discredit the truth about the virus, at a time the world came together, challenged by a common enemy. Yet, there was a human disaster, whose standing or conviction about the virus was worse than the damage the virus itself had wrought on the globe.

Although his colleagues and other active political players appear to understand that his infantile indulgences are irredeemable and have thus continued to ignore his desperation to clutch at attention with a view to playing populism, that he still relishes in his folly speaks volume and justifies the assertion that he represents an error in leadership, even when he is supposed to be representing the youth demography.

For a man, who hardly understands the needs of his state and is yet clowning around in the name of aspiring to lead a complex nation like Nigeria, his alleged rejection of the vaccines recently, is the final curtain call.

This sustained self-abnegation constitutes serious menace to the society and as such, Bello should be kept on a special watch list. Indeed, a disaster!

Credit: Thisday

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