As unknown gun men lunch an attack on Yagba Teejay call for end Banditry in Nigeria.

By Gowon Yakubu

With the campaigns to end SARS, now end End SWAT and also end police brutality, the end banditry should gather more momentum and not rivalry or mutual suspicion fueled by politicians like us to draw an imaginary line of division along tribal, religious and regional lines.

Inhumanity, injustice, killings and banditry affect the north like some bad eggs in SARS or police in general affect people down south and sometimes the north too, so this whole gamut if issues should be a Nigerian issue not a north or south issue.

I am glad the youth are beginning to redefine what the issues are, no person can stand for the youth like themselves, not Governors, not ministers, not even the President can define the issues affecting the youth succinctly like the youth themselves.

While some see end SARS or end SWAT as a southern issue, some see end banditry as a northern and doesn’t affect them.

I see both issues as Nigeria’s issues and I stand on both side and with the youth and the plight of others people.

Some Politicians in Government might see this as opposition upraising, while we see it as a call of the nation on its leaders to lead well, some businessmen see it as a waste of economic time, we see it as a call to raise the capacity of the youth for National development and economic emancipation, some illiterates see it as an attack, we se see it as a call for National consciousness, women see it as their struggle, we see it as a National call to unity.

To us every life, Muslim or Christian, non- believers inclusive matters, no one has a right whatsoever to take except through transparent judicial process adjudged as free and fair trial.

It therefore behoves that though far apart, north from south issues are the same… To the north End Banditry, kidnappings and Boko Haram, to the south end SARS, end SWAT and police brutality, all are calls for justice and equity and we stand by both.

Rt Hon. Teejay Yusuf
Member representing kabba/Ijumu Federal Constituency

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