ICDA, Stakeholders to Visit Gov Bello Over Ata Igala Stool

Following consultation with critical stakeholders of Igala nation, the Igala Cultural Development Association (ICDA) has resolved to pay a courtesy visit to Governor Yahaya Bello over the delay in announcing the new Ata Igala, long after the process of the selection was concluded by the organ responsible for it.

In a brief chat with journalists in Lokoja on Saturday, the Chairman of the working committee of the Incorporated ICDA, Comrade Omata Emmanuel said the general consensus was to send high powered delegation, comprising leaders of different cultural associations, Chiefs and highly respected seniors and elders of the land to effect this decision.

Comrade Omata Emmanuel said the visit to the governor of the state is necessary as the kingdom cannot remain empty for this long, stressing that the stool of Ata had been vacant for almost a year now since he went on hunting expedition.

The Prime Minister, High Royal Highness, the Achadu Oko Ata, Anu is not also not on throne at the moment.

“Imagine a house without father and mother, how can the children survive?

Igala land at the moment is like an orphanage. We are all orphans, we need our parents back home,” Comrade Omata stressed.

According to him, the visit is to seek for possible areas of collaboration with Kogi state government in a view to create a synergy to work for the quick return of Ata Igala and Achadu back from their long hunting expedition immediately.


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