Families Need To Do More In The Fight Against insecurity:MD Niwa,George Moghalu

In the spirit of celebration for the 46 years birthday of his excellency Alhaji Yahaya bello the Governor of kogi state ,

where we have in attendance the Managing Director of the National inland Waterways  Authority ,Chief George Moghalu who in his speech wished the Governor many more years  and the strength to continue in his good works ,and also addressing the Governor as his landlord being that the headquarters of (Niwa)is located in lokoja kogi state

He further went ahead to commend the Governor on his efforts towards fighting insecurity in the state

Adding that in an unsecured environment economy will not strive which makes it a top priority to have seats down like this and talk about a way forward for the nation

whenever security is mentioned We need to look inward he says, Because when issues of insecurity comes up it starts with the family,how parents celebrate their children,what is being given to the children and how we celebrate the country at large and how we show love amongst ourselves this are challenging issues but with God All this are possible

When asked how he intends to curb insecurity in his own state Anambra following the current clamoring for him contesting for governor he said, My mission meanly is to restore the peoples confidence in their government before you talk about infrastructural development Roads and hospitals .

My top most priority will be safeguarding the life’s and properties of the people ,ensuring an enabling environment for the people to work with the government

And I will do well to engage the people,when the see my honesty they will respond,there has been a disconnect and we will do well to find the missing dot and reconcile it.

lastly we need to develop a system were we see wrong and right for what it is

I believe in my people and I know they will make the right choice .

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