Ajaokuta Youth Vanguard Hail Senator Oseni

Ajaokuta youths under the umbrella of Ajaokuta Youth Vanguard (AYV) have come out to show their gratitude to Senator Yakubu Oseni for sponsoring a bill establishing Ajaokuta Steel University to be located within the enclave of Ajaokuta LGA.

The President of the Congress, Comrade James Mohammed who eulogizes senator Oseni, said for the Senator to have sponsored the bill, Kogi Central has now produced a legislator who stands for what is worth standing for.

James, on behalf of the Congress said “Many saw the bill as a mirage that will not come to reality simply because of the simultaneous push of bills from the three senators representing Kogi state and those bills are all hinged on education. While some Kogi citizens condemned the action of the senator representing Kogi central as uncoordinated & greedy for craving for steel university, some depicted his action as detrimental to other senatorial districts of Kogi state, louding that Conference University of Science & Technology (CUSTEC) is already situated in Kogi central as if it was a crime to have as many universities as possible in a single state”

“Senotor Oseni, a very persevered leader, focused and steadfast in his dealings refused to be distracted but keeps on dissipating conscious energy into making the perceived mirage bill a reality. We as a congress has deemed it fit to extol this steadfastness that broke these false believed illusions which have turned a reality that Ajaokuta Steel University will come to stay”.

“The people-driven Senator has acted to our hypes and admirations knowing fully well that the Steel University will be situated within Ajaokuta enclave and it will generate more employment opportunities and will also aid the resuscitation and effective functioning of Ajaokuta Steel Company”.

We the Ajaokutans have not been this effectively represented at the Red chamber in the last decade. We are proud to say that Senator Oseni’s tenure is dotted with glaring achievements. We pray that God in his infinite mercy will continue to guide and direct the senator well as we anticipate for more developmental projects before the end of his tenure as we look forward to giving him our support now and always”.

*Jame Mohammed*
*The President, Ajaokuta*
*Youth Vanguard*

*Comrade Bello Abdulhameed Ivavah, Reporting for the President*

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